"KNOCK KNOCK" Come Out Come Out Wherever you Are...

Everyone walks a different path on their journey in life. Some have been harder than others. With courage and fortitude we move past these trials to realize that what we were becoming were strong individuals capable of taking on anything!  We hope you find familiarity, inspiration and yes, humor in these stories. However they touch you. We hope you will, if you are out and proud, or an ally to those that are, be a beacon to those who are afraid or feel alone.​
If you feel alone or afraid, we hope you will feel safe to reach outand be the true you. We are here for you!
OUT is in presents "knock knock" our series of  "coming out" stories. This one is funny, heartwarming and entertaining. The first in our series of coming out stories,  stars a very charming David fromVancouver, Canada. Enjoy.  Stay tuned for Laura, and  Jody then... ...who's next?
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